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Venerable Abott Shi Yong Xin

The world renowned Abbot Shi Yong Xin, present Abbot of Shaolin Temple. Shi Yong Xin was born in 1965 and joined the Shaolin Temple in 1981. He took office as the Shaolin Temple as Abbot in 1999 after a long study as a monk at the Shaolin Temple and other monasteries. He became the thirtieth successor after the previous Buddhist Abbot Xue Ting Fu Yu. He is the chairman of Henan Province Buddhists Association, vice-chairman of China’s Buddhist Association, representative of Ninth National People’s congress and also the first Chinese monk ever to get a MBA degree. The Venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin is renowned for his work for promoting Shaolin Buddhist culture, his writings as a scholar and for his continuous efforts of restoring the Shaolin Temple.

Master Shi Yan Gui

Shi Yan Gui 34th Generation Disciple of Shaolin Temple China,  is one of the UK’s most prominent and exciting Shaolin kung-Fu and Kickboxing instructors. For nearly three decades he has both trained under and taught alongside many of the world’s finest instructors in both traditional and modern Chinese martial arts.

As professional instructor, Yan Gui has coached many of his own students to numerous competition and grading merits. He has produced numerous national champions and international competitors who have competed up to World Championship standard.

As a competitor, Yan Gui was involved in Shaolin Kung-Fu and Kickboxing in national and international level.

Yan Gui makes regular journeys over to China for training and international competition. He spends most of his time in China training daily with Senior Shaolin Temple Masters at Shaolin Temple.

To this day, Yan Gui continues to practice and study martial arts daily. Over the years, it has become Yan Gui’s objectives to contribute to the advancement of Shaolin Kung-Fu and Kickboxing by adding his own personal knowledge of contemporary coaching methods to the traditional art of Shaolin Kung-Fu.

Master Shi Yan Long

Shi Yan Long 34th Generation Shaolin Temple disciple, has been training Kung-Fu at the temple for over 15 years under instructions of different masters including master Shi Yong Xin, Master Shi De Yang, Shifu Shi Yan Long is currently focusing on researching shaolin traditional culture and history, and he is exceptionally good at soft QiGong, Chan/Meditation, philosophy, arts…